Lyme Disease Prevention

Active pets are healthy pets. However, Lyme disease is a very real threat to pets who spend time outdoors.

Lyme disease is caused by bacteria that get into a pet’s bloodstream through a tick bite. It’s a common canine ailment because ticks are found in woods and fields with tall grass where dogs especially like to play.

The bacteria can make your pet sick and cause discomfort in joints and organs. Symptoms can include fever, lack of energy, loss of appetite, stiffness, pain and even lameness.

Antibiotic treatment usually relieves the symptoms. But if it goes undetected and untreated, Lyme disease can cause major long-term health problems.

At Strong Veterinary Hospital, we strongly recommend that you check your pet for ticks regularly. It takes 24 to 48 hours for a tick to transmit Lyme disease, so prompt removal of a tick can prevent an infection.

We can test your pet for Lyme disease, talk to you about vaccination and recommend tick-borne disease prevention including oral and topical flea-and-tick control.

Taking preventive measures can keep your pets happy and healthy without stopping them from being active outdoors.